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The carnival tradition Morsano di Strada (UD) was started in 1929, while a few years later, in 1946, he began to see the first floats and masked groups.
In 1980 he founded the group "Lis Mascaris" Triveneto only group that can count on 30 years of uninterrupted activity.
The Association owes part of its reputation as the only carnival group in the world, devoted to the particular research that makes for many years to create masks which, starting from the technique of papier mache, come now to the use of materials that are normally used in aircraft such as carbon fiber honeycomb composite materials, Kevlar, the fabric of glass and resin of various kinds.
And in particular different types and themes in the representations that were made in all these years, ranging: from historical representations, the mythological references, etc. to the newspaper, with measures that reach 90x180 cm.
These masks are the setting of the majestic costumes made with sumptuous fabric and silver laminate combined with gold and silver lace and adorned with lavish, brilliant pins of various shapes.
The original use of these materials have allowed him to achieve excellent results and as will be explained below numerous awards nationally and internationally.
The Association of Morsano Street has also had the unique privilege of having marched in the carnival world's most important, namely that of Rio de Janeiro in the closing night of "Night of Champions".
You want to remember, moreover, the fourteen consecutive wins in the competition "Silver Mask of Abano Terme," the special award
"Bolgan Nino", and the three awards by the Veneto Region as the best group masked for creativity, research materials and processing techniques.
No less important is the prestigious "Golden Griffon" obtained in the town of Abano Terme for research, study and application of innovative techniques and materials in the creation of masks. This award ranks among those who have received names including that of Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini.

Moreover, the group was host to the historic event, "The Carnival of gnocchi" in Verona, where he was awarded the "Best Group manufacturer of masks."
"Lis Mascaris" also participated in the carnival of hundred years "Carnival of Europe", to Carnival Cream and Cortina, the events of Nisa in Portugal, Saalbak Austria, for Abbey in Croatia and the biggest carnival of 'Europe in Nice, France.
Participation as a guest to remember the TV show "Zecchino d'Oro" at the 40th edition, and numerous appearances in national and local networks.
Worthy of mention are the numerous exhibitions held over the years, reminding one of the most prestigious ones held in Pordenone, Abano Terme, Abano terme.
Finally it must be stressed that it is the only group in the Italian and European to have marched in several carnivals in Cuba, Holy Spirit, Trinidad and that of the capital Havana, where he met with great success.
Here "Mascaris Lis", as well as they have been received from leading authorities such as the Cuban Minister of Culture, as a reminder
Presidentissimo the unforgettable meeting with Fidel Castro, who has honored the group with one of his creations.
During the 45 th anniversary of the founding of the PAN, "LIS MASCARIS", in collaboration with the 313 Squadron Aerobatic Training "Tricolour Arrows", has created "The flight of Icarus to the Tricolour Arrows".
The thirteen masks cover the history World Air passing through the most important steps.
Also you want to remember that the group was invited to present some of his work in Venezuela, where he could meet the communities in Friuli, Italian and not in the cities of Caracas, Puerto La Cruz Valencia and Chorus.
Following all this, the theme STARS IN LAGUNA, which takes in some respects some processing techniques already known to the group, while the themes are based on simple images with historical references, geographical or cultural in our daily lives.
Beautiful pictures in front of the airbrush painted masks, special clothing crescent-shaped golden or silver embellished with satin and tulle.
The pride of our Association is a mask for Beijing, which was performed to accompany the participating nations
the qualifying tournament for Beijing 2008 Olympic softball, Disputatio in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The 12 masks taking pictures simple but unique to these countries (South Africa saw the lion, the windmill to the Netherlands, etc. ..) while the side featuring their national flags.
Majestic costumes in shades of gold and silver fabrics embellished with rhinestones and brooches.
So in 2009, "Lis Mascaris" celebrating 25 years of uninterrupted activity, suggesting that the masks, chronologically from the construction point of view, structural and technical milestones have marked the most significant (starting from papier mache, leather, to fiberglass, to start to kevlar) as well as from the point you do not forget the references thematically in Rio de Janeiro, Cuba, and Tricolour Arrows etc. ..
Particularly interesting is the back of the mask decorated with papier-mâché faces of great value, while the clothes from the base rounded reach considerable size.
Another fascinating topic is created with the title "Celtic Sorceries", as they have tried to present the masks that reflect an ancient theme, but very modern in its complexity. They are used in the front of the mask, rather gloomy and scary figures: like ghosts, skeletons, skulls, ect., Which in this context take on a positive meaning, of reincarnation, in that complex cycle are: the birth, life and the death.
The interpretation of this subject that has enthralled and interested man since ancient times for its peculiarities, is a world where witches, wizards, orcs, etc.., Were protagonists of fantastic legends and stories of incredible, where the reader or the audience has always been attracted to these stories of terror, excitement, magic and scary themes, but where, however, the supernatural power of witches has always been something intriguing, prodigious also seductive.
Since ancient times these figures were represented along with a spinning, weaving in the act of nodes, ie, as if to recall the idea of ​​revenge, weaving the destiny of man, so here's the reason for the stylization of the web the front of the mask. Given the funereal theme Treaty, it was decided to pack clothes in a round shape with bright colors and shiny, as if to emphasize the contrast with an argument so bleak and sad.
The association has participated in the tour in Uruguay, where he received applause from nearly half a million people, the members of "Lis mascaris" Bite of the road. It 'was, as it informs the president of the association, Edi Todaro, crowned by unforgettable experience exciting because consensus. The group marched with giant artistic masks made for the event (special attention was given to the front of work, where the masterly use Airbrush incorporates some aspects of everyday life of the lagoon areas of Friuli). She was also applauded the event of Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO heritage city. "For us - Todaro said - was a huge success, because in Uruguay had never seen masks like that. Another big parade was held in East Point, the Monte Carlo of South America, while the third performance, certainly the most important took place in Montevideo, the capital of the country, in front of over 300 000 people, with the People stood to cheer. Finally, the masks marched in "Tablada", huge open-air theaters. Our delegation was received by the Italian ambassador in Uruguay satata. We also donated a mask at the Museum of Carnival in Montevideo, in the presence of ministers, mayors and other authorities. Then the meeting memorable with our emigrants, the headquarters of the "Fame Friulian" in Montevideo. Finally, the icing, and that is the meeting with the president, Tabare Vazquez, to which we donated a valuable mask made for the event. "





. 1980 Friends

. 1981 60s

. 1982 World of foam

· 1983 Mark Pole 

· 1984 The happy company 

· 1985 Robin Hood and the Giovanni prince 

· 1986 Tripudio of the courtiers in the season of the buck 

· 1987 The return of the crusaders with the fleece of gold 

· 1988 Odissea 3001 

· 1989 you four seasons 

· 1990 Imagination '90 

· 1991 The illusion of a dream 

· 1992 Image of author 

· 1993 Rainbow of fans 

· 1994 Colors on leather 

· 1995 A window on the world 

· 1996 Plays of leaves 

· 1997 Images in the rock 

· 1998 Rhapsody of the Zecchino of Gold 

· 1999 flow it of the time 

· 2000 A mask for I Recover Janeiro [de] 

· 2001 Each month a flower 

· 2002 Imaginations 

· 2003 Ventennio 

· 2004 A mask for Cuba 

· 2005 The flight from Icaro to the Tricolor Arrows 


- 2007 The stars in the lagoon

- 2008 A mask for Pechino

- 2009 Lis Mascaris : 25°

- 2009 A mask for Uruguay

- 2010 Sorceries Celtic

- 2010 Viareggio

- 2011 Pour purr

- 2012 Roman friuli

- 2013 The art of wine masked

- 2014 Aganis

- 2015 In the garden of lis mascaris

- 2016 35th

- 2017 Cartoons

- 2018 Paveis

- 2019 Fior di favole

- 2020 A life in mask




· Castions of Road (show permanent by ROOM MASKS schedules office)                                 

· Abano thermal baths 

· Montegnacco 

· Basiliano 

· Palazzolo of the Stella 

· Talmassons 

· Montegrotto thermal baths 

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· Udine 

· Lignano Sabbiadoro 

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· Montichiari 

- Codroipo

- Fauglis




       In the course of his activity, from the 1983, the Association "LIS MASCARIS" it has stayed honorable with the followings prizes: 

· special Prize "NINO BOLGAN" for have contributed the birth of new initiatives storico-carnascialesche in Italy and in the world 

· Rewards GRIFFON Of GOLD City of Abano thermal baths to the Association "Lis Mascaris" for the search, the study, the application of techniques and materials [innovativi] in the realization of masks 

· Primo rewards MASK Of SILVER City of Abano Term achieved for well THIRTEEN consecutive times 

· Prize special LEO Of BRONZE, region of the Veneto, for the continuous search and innovation of the materials 

· Prize special LEO Of BRONZE, regional counsel of the Veneto, for the creativeness 

· Rewards LEO Of BRONZE, regional counsel of the Veneto, CARNEVAL GODS TWISTED the [miglior] group 

· Rewards WINGED LEO, Common from Venice Assessorato to the Tourism 

· Rewards CITTA' Of JESOLO to the [miglior] in disguise group 

· Rewards COLOMBINA Of GOLD, Jesolano Carnival 

· Prize special VENETO CARNIVAL, Campalto, for the particular cleverness and sensibility of combine , couple the art to the show 

· Rewards PROVINCE From VENICE CARNEVAL GODS TWISTED the [miglior] group "Plays of leaves" 


· Rewards PANTALONE In SILVER for the [miglior] group, CORTINA Of AMPEZZO 

· Rewards CITTÀ Of MULHOUSE, seal of silver, Klapperstein              











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